7 Questions to Ask During an EHR Demo

If you are looking to integrate an EHR solution for the first time or upgrade your existing one, you are likely conducting a large amount of research into potential solutions. As part of your research, you may have also scheduled some demos with a provider you are considering.

EHR systems allow you to efficiently manage your urgent care center and optimize your business operations by digitizing many of the physical aspects of your business. However, investing in an EHR system should not be done blindly.

In this guide, we’re going to review some key questions to consider during an EHR demo to help you select the right solution for your needs.

Questions to Ask During an EHR Demo:

1: How Quickly Can I Complete a Chart with This Software?

You and your staff’s time is valuable. One of the main benefits of an EHR solution is its ability to save you time by automating tasks that would otherwise be completed manually.

During your demo, ask the software provider how quickly you will be able to complete a chart using their system. They should be able to give you a general idea based on the number of clicks it takes to complete a task.

2: How Securely Does this Solution Protect My Patients’ Data?

Patient data security should remain a top priority for any healthcare organization. When evaluating an EHR system, you should ensure that the provider takes data security seriously.

During your demo, ask the software provider about the steps they take to protect patient data. They should be able to brief you on their physical, technical, and organizational safeguards.

If they cannot provide you with a satisfactory answer, it may be best to look elsewhere.

3: Will This Solution Be Difficult to Train my Staff With? 

A difficult-to-use EHR solution will only frustrate your team and interrupt your business operations. During a demo, ask the developer to demonstrate how to use some of the basic and most useful features of your system.

You should also inquire about the availability of training materials, such as user manuals, how-to videos, and live support.

4: What Patient-Facing Features Does it Offer?

Your patients should be able to easily access their medical records and information through your EHR system. During a demo, ask the developer to show you how a patient would be able to access their information and what type of information they would be able to see.

Other key features that a well-rounded EHR system should also include:

  • Kiosk or web-based check-ins
  • Digital registration
  • Digital scheduling and appointment confirmation
  • Contactless experience

5: How Does It Help Me Manage My Revenue?

An EHR system can help you manage your revenue cycles in a number of ways. For example, it can help you track payments, bill insurance companies, and follow up on collections.

During your demo, ask the developer to show you how their system can help you manage your revenue. Consider if it helps automate the entire process or if it just makes manually entering information easier for your team. A fully autonomous solution can help you and your staff save a significant amount of time to focus more on providing excellent care to your patients.

6: Can I Use It to Send Prescriptions for My Patients?

As part of an excellent patient experience, quick and efficient electronic prescribing should be factored into your EHR solution. Nobody wants to wait an eternity at the pharmacy to receive the necessary medication that they need.

Inquire with the developer if their system offers this functionality and how it works. Some EHR systems will require you to set up an account with a third-party e-prescribing service while others may have this built into their system.

7: Does It Offer Telehealth Functionality?

Modern social distancing practices have inspired many people to pursue their medical care remotely. This has resulted in urgent care centers, private practices, and hospitals alike adopting telehealth services for their patients.

As you’re considering various EHR options, look for one that offers built-in telehealth connectivity. Not only will this be easier for you and your patients to communicate, but it also reduces the number of applications that your business has to subscribe to or manage.

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