Why Your Micro-Hospital Should Use an eMAR System

Regardless of the size of the hospital or medical practice you are operating, it is crucial that it runs smoothly and efficiently in order to create the best possible experience for your patients. Part of running an efficient medical practice or hospital is keeping all of your files, records, and prescriptions organized. 

There is no better way to maintain organization and efficiency than by utilizing an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system. In this article, we’ll be covering how an eMAR can help your micro-hospital improve ordering and distribution accuracy, resulting in an overall better experience for your patients and staff. 

Benefits of an eMAR System

Digitally Prescribe Medication

One of the most popular benefits of an electronic medication administration record system is that it allows doctors to digitally order medication for their patients during their stay at the hosital. 

By using a digitized system to prescribe medication as opposed to using physical handwritten scripts, patients are more likely to get the correct medication from their pharmacy of choice with little to no room for error. 

Using an eMAR system to digitally prescribe medication also ensures that the prescription is filled in a timely manner. Since the prescription is digitally sent directly to the pharmacy, they can begin to work on filling it as soon as possible. 

In turn, this reduces any burden on the patients. Instead of having to bring their prescription to the pharmacy and wait for them to fill it, patients can simply go directly to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription once it is ready. By making the prescribing process so seamless and easy, patients are more likely to return to your practice in the future.

Maintain a Record of Medication

Alongside the benefit of being able to digitally prescribe medications, electronic medication administration record systems provide your staff with the ability to keep all of the patient’s records digitized and stored in one place. 

In a hectic medical environment like a micro-hospital, it is imperative that your staff are able to keep perfectly organized records of each patient. Having an easy method for maintaining patient records ensures that a patient’s journey through your practice has seamless continuity in their treatment. 

Using an eMAR system is also beneficial in a case where an approved person or organization needs access to a patient’s records. With a few clicks of a button, records can be digitally sent anywhere upon approval. This can include any transfer of a patient’s information to insurance companies, other medical practitioners, or even sending a patient their own files. 

These systems are also great for keeping your staff organized when it comes to administering medications. When your staff is dealing with high volumes of patients, it can be difficult to stay on top of each one’s medications and dosing schedules. 

eMAR systems keep you and your staff on track to prevent any missed doses while notifying staff when the administration is scheduled and automatically recording notes for future access. In addition, eMAR systems are able to generate admin reports for regulatory compliance, providing yet another way to save time spent on manual labor.  

Financial Benefits

If you find yourself constantly looking for solutions on how to cut costs in your practice, you may want to look into an eMAR system. One of the most sought-after benefits of an electronic medication administration record system for micro-hospitals is the amount of money it can save your practice. With an eMAR system’s ability for digital record keeping, you will be able to save on both time and labor costs. 

The financial benefit of keeping digital records is far beyond any benefits associated with keeping files and records manually. Many eMAR systems also have the ability to link with injection and infusion calculators for proper reimbursement for IV charges. 

Provide Better Care

When it comes down to it, the goal of any medical practice or micro-hospital specifically, is to provide your patients with the best care possible. Using an electronic medication administration record system allows you to provide better care to your patients by freeing up your staff to spend more time with patients and reducing the amount of time wasted on manual tasks related to paperwork and prescriptions. This leads to more attentive and less distracted staff, ultimately resulting in better all-around care for your patients. 

Use a Better eMAR at Your Micro-Hospital with PulseCheck

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