How Electronic Prescription Software Benefits Urgent Cares

Over the last few years, many patients have become more proactive with their healthcare. Virtual timeslots, telehealth, and patient portals have made it easier than ever for people to receive care, access their records, and control their medication refills and requests. 

In general, as medical technology advances, more of the patient experience has become paperless. While digital healthcare solutions are becoming more and more prevalent, physical paper prescriptions are still a common part of healthcare for many practices. 

For practices that want to move into the future of medical technology, an electronic prescription software solution can both help practitioners provide better care and ensure that patients receive their prescriptions in a timely manner. In this article, will discuss the numerous benefits of adopting electronic prescription software in your practice, as well as what features you should look for when deciding on a solution. 

Why Use Electronic Prescription Software?

Reduce Paper in the Office

One of the most immediate differences that you’ll notice after switching to electronic prescription software is that your office will be using much less paper. There are a few advantages to decreasing your physical paper usage. 

The first and most obvious advantage is that using less paper is better for the environment. A less obvious advantage of going paperless is that there will generally be much less clutter. An issue facing many medical offices is that there is constant clutter with papers and files everywhere. 

Electronic prescription software reduces paper clutter and makes any prescription easy to search or prescribe directly from the computer. You will never have to worry about the possibility of losing a physical record again! 

Prescriptions Sent Immediately to the Pharmacy

Using electronic prescription software means that you can send any patient’s prescription directly to their pharmacy of choice. No more writing them a script and having the patient drop it off and wait for it to be filled. This type of software allows you to fill the script immediately, saving both you and the patient time.

Better Patient Experience

Electronic prescription software not only benefits your office but also provides an all-around better experience for your patients. Patients will be able to go directly from their appointment to the pharmacy without having to worry about dropping off or even losing their physical script. This creates a quicker and less stressful process for individuals who are receiving or refilling their prescriptions. 

Easy Input

With digital prescribing capabilities,  doctors can easily input prescription orders and send them to the correct pharmacy location. This saves time in the office and reduces the chances of human error. 

What to Look For in the Right Electronic Prescription Software

Complete Privacy and Security

One of the most important must-have factors in an electronic prescription software is that it is HIPPA compliant. It is essential that your software protects the privacy of your practice and patients. This not only helps ensure their sensitive data remains shielded, but it also can save your practice from potential liability. 

Integration with Other Patient Data Sources

When you’re looking for electronic prescription software, consider using one that integrates with other patient data portals. Software that allows patients to retrieve their prescription information along with their general medical charts can save time, streamline documentation, and enhance your practice’s patient experience. 

Communication with Healthcare Providers

In a day and age where so many aspects of life are virtual, software that allows digital communication between patients and providers can be a huge benefit to your practice. Virtual chats and telehealth appointments using real-time video and audio will allow you to help your patients wherever they are and ensure that your practice stays competitive. 

Device Agnostic

It is recommended that you use electronic prescription software that can be used across multiple types of devices from tablets to desktop computers and mobile. Being able to request refills or view their charts at home or on the go allows users to access important information where they are with the device they have on hand. 

Integration with Telehealth Systems

Using electronic prescription software that has integration abilities with telehealth systems will allow your patients to easily access the care they need from anywhere they are. This is a feature that is important for many patients when choosing a new doctor, and should be an important factor to consider when choosing your practice’s electronic prescription software. 

Using a cohesive system, you can quickly and easily send a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy with the same software that you are using to communicate with them during their telehealth appointment. This reduces the number of applications that you need to operate your business and allows for greater response times. 

Get Better Electronic Prescription Software for Your Urgent Care

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As more aspects of the medical industry continue to evolve to a paperless environment, modernize your urgent care with UrgiChart. Schedule a demo with us today