How to Find the Right Telehealth Solution for Your Practice

With social distancing, safety, and convenience being at the top-of-mind for many patients, having a telehealth option for your practice is essential for your practice. However, there are many options on the market that you can choose from. How do you know which one will best align with your specific needs and goals for offering telehealth to your patients? In this article, we’ll be covering what to look for in a telehealth system to make sure you choose the right one for your practice.

Why Use Telehealth?

The primary reason that practices opt for telehealth is so their patients do not have to travel to their office for an appointment. This has a number of benefits, one of the most important being that it improves access to care. For patients who live in more remote/rural areas, it can be tough to drive all the way to a physical office. Telehealth solves this issue by allowing them to meet with their practitioner without having to leave home.

Telehealth systems can also save costs by reducing the amount of time spent on labor. Since your practice will have less patients that need to be handled in the office, there is less need for additional staff when you’re occupied. On a similar note, telehealth can potentially offer lower rates to patients, saving everyone money on both sides of the practice.

An issue for many doctors offices is trying to work around the schedules of patients who don’t have time to see you during business hours. With telehealth, you’re able to see more patients during the day if they are working or far from your office.

Nowadays, many people are nervous about going to a doctor’s office in fear that they might get sick. Telehealth leads to reduced risk of spreading germs between staff and patients, creating a safer and more comfortable experience for staff and patients alike.

The majority of telehealth systems also offer the ability to easily e-prescribe medication from your office after a consultation with your patient. This allows patients to receive their medication quickly and efficiently, without having to carry any physical scripts.

Features of a Great Telehealth Solution

When deciding on a telehealth system for your practice, it is important to note the features that make a telehealth system great. One important feature to look for is the ability for patients to schedule and confirm appointments/time slots. This streamlines the appointment scheduling process, making it easier for both staff and patients.

Since your patients will be having their appointments online, it only makes sense for them to be able to check-in online as well. A digital check-in feature makes it easier for patients to begin the appointment without having to call the office and speak with your staff. On top of being able to check-in virtually, a telehealth system should also allow patients to pre-register virtually. Having both of these features will do wonders for your office’s efficiency when it comes to appointment scheduling.

As with any medical technology, having HIPAA-compliant secure communications is crucial. You should make sure that the telehealth system you choose has the proper infrastructure for HIPPA-compliant communications.

Allowing your patients to have digital access to their records can save them from having to call your office every time they need information. That is why having a patient data portal for records management is a great feature to have in a telehealth system and can save your practice valuable time.

If a patient is doing a telehealth visit, they should be able to get their prescriptions virtually as well. By using a telehealth system with e-prescribing capabilities, you can assure that your patients get the medications they need without much hassle.

With all the benefits that a telehealth system provides, you need to be able to track its performance. Having a performance dashboard for you to track the performance of your telehealth services is an important feature to keep track of what your practice is doing well and what needs improvement.

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