Injection and Infusion Services

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Each year thousands of dollars are lost due to undocumented infusion
stop times. Infusion start/stop time documentation compliance can be challenging. Even more challenging, can be the correct calculation and
assignment of the CPT codes.

PulseCheck ED Injection and Infusion Services capture charges for all medication infusions, hydrations and IV pushes by appropriately assigning CPT codes based on current CMS hierarchy guidelines. PulseCheck ED integrated Injection and Infusion Services enables the calculator to populate as the clinician documents the ordered medication as given. The calculator displays the medication administration detail and any missing stop times to the clinician. This allows all missing stop times to easily be documented prior to disposition.

Let Injection and Infusion Services do the work.

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

  • have an intuitive workflow that clinicians can easily follow?
  • eliminate time spent manually calculating injections and infusions?
  • require stop time documentation prior to patient disposition?
  • eliminate having to educate and re-educate staff regarding stop time documentation?
  • decrease missing stop times, increase compliance and consistency and increase revenue?
  • quickly access management reports to monitor progress?

Key Features

To view more information on PulseCheck ED Injection and Infusion Services, Click Here. 

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