Minimize Staff Burnout In Urgent Care Clinics

Many urgent care facilities have seen a rise in staff and clinician burnout due to increased volume, workload, wait times, and phone calls caused by COVID-19. Although urgent care visits related to COVID are stabilizing, many of the after-effects linger. Below are some solutions to help support your team, optimize workflow and minimize burnout.

Manage patient volume and workflow

Urgent Cares consistently need to manage high and unpredictable patient volumes. According to the Urgent Care Association (UCA), visit volume in the Fall (Q3) has increased 18% from pre-COVID levels. Increased patient volume can cause staff stress, long wait times and negatively impact the patient experience. With patient experience becoming more integral to your success, it’s essential to deliver the most efficient experience possible—both for patients and staff.

Patient engagement software helps optimize your workflow while reducing staff workload and improving the patient experience. A few key functionality features of patient engagement include:

  • Online Check-in: sets a wait time expectation for patients that allows them to wait remotely while giving staff time to manage and plan accordingly for online and walk-in patient volume.
  • Digital intake forms: Allow patients to complete and sign forms and upload IDs and insurance to reduce contact, improve efficiency and save time.
  • Automated queuing: Provide wait time transparency and manage patient expectations while enabling staff to oversee all patients in one system that optimizes your waiting room patient flow automatically.

Implementing patient engagement tools

PulseCheck makes access to care more convenient and efficient for your patients while saving time and reducing unnecessary contact for staff and patients using our patient engagement tools! As of January 2021, three out of four urgent care visits are scheduled online, and those visits experienced shorter average wait times by 17 minutes, according to UCA. Our mobile-friendly online scheduling, automated queuing, and paperless registration tools will improve your day-to-day urgent care workflow and help reduce the burnout associated with high patient volume.

Provide low-contact access

Allowing patients to wait, sign in, and complete their registration remotely lowers the risk of infection

Attract new patients

Providing the tools patients want for safe, convenient access to healthcare turns first-time visitors into loyal patients

Increase efficiency

Automating the check-in process reduces phone calls and paperwork and streamlines communication with patients

Manage patient expectations

Keeping patients in the loop via automated SMS messages and gathering their feedback creates a happier patient experience

Reduce staff workload

Self-service options that patients can do entirely on their phone means less time your staff spends on the phone

Optimize throughput

Our algorithm uses historical patient data and current throughput to calculate and assign accurate treatment times

To learn more about our patient engagement software and how they can help your urgent care optimize workflow and volume, contact us today!