Urgent Care Practice Management Software Solutions

Built specifically for the Urgent Care Market, track, manage and optimize administrative and financial processes.

Our Practice Management Solution becomes your urgent care command center, delivering robust, real-time analytics through customizable reports and dashboards to ensure you know how your business is performing on the metrics that matter most.

Front Desk Experience


Book and confirm appointments, check-in and check out patients, and view past, present, and future schedules across multiple providers and locations — daily, weekly, or monthly.


Our intuitive workflows allow you to easily send text messages, emails or phone call reminders to confirm patient appointments. Reminding patients of their upcoming appointments, helps to minimize no-shows and maximize revenue.


Quickly check a patient’s insurance details — deductibles, co-payment, and co-insurance — or schedule batch checking overnight, with just a few mouse clicks. The result? Fewer denials downstream, so your practice gets paid faster.
Our patient scheduling software makes it easy to manage your busy schedule through our multi-view calendar and drag-and-drop online patient appointment scheduling. It lets you book and confirm appointments, verify insurance eligibility, and check patients in and out.

Patient Management

Get a complete, well-organized picture of your patients all in one place with the ability to easily view and update patients’ demographics, insurance details, and account histories. You can also attach files, so you keep everything together — reducing paperwork and saving time.


Medical billing software that takes the guesswork out of financial performance, so you can run a more efficient business —  avoid costly errors, minimize re-work, and get paid faster. 


Automate your billing and coding tasks by taking the stress out of preparing claims and keeping track of errors. With built-in tools such as diagnosis and CPT code lookups, you can confidently prepare claims and avoid costly mistakes.

Claim Submission

Get paid faster and spend less time chasing down payments by sending cleaner claims. After charges post to the Billing app, the app applies up-to-date billing rules to identify issues before submission, so you get more claims paid on the first attempt. When claims are ready, you simply move them to the app’s outbox for automated nightly submission.


Keep accurate track of your payments and spot issues fast with a central remittance repository. This features comprehensive capabilities that automatically post electronic remittance advice (ERAs) to patient accounts while providing you with an easy, seamless way to scan and process paper-based explanation of benefits (EOBs).



Take the guesswork out of getting paid and run your practice more smoothly with an unparalleled clinical coding knowledge base. With millions of Medicare and commercial payer edits and industry-leading content, you generate more accurate claims—more easily—so you face fewer denials, get paid sooner, and improve overall collections.



Make your claims process more efficient by alerting you to claim issues upstream, inside your practice management system, so you can fix them at the earliest and least costly point. As a result, your billing and coding staff can generate more claims in less time.