RevivePro Cardiac Arrest Solution

Save more lives with better point of care decision support & data.

Say Goodbye to Paper Transcription

No more missing data, unsigned charts, or missing billing markers. All on an iPad at the bedside

Reduce Litigation from Poor Records

Protect your organization against litigation and non-compliance with accurate and comprehensive documentation.

Learn from Past

Instantly debrief your team, track, analyze, and improve performance with access to comprehensive code data.

Format Health (RevivePro) is the only compatible vendor for the AHA Get With The Guidelines Registry.

code blue application

In a randomized trial published in the Emergency Medicine Journal, RevivePro collected an average of 24% more critical information versus paper.

Stop Using Outdated Tools to Solve Life-or-Death Data Problems

You don’t save files on floppy disks anymore. So why would you use time-consuming paper charts and computer stations to record patient data, especially when those methods could lead to worse patient outcomes? Not having easily accessible, legible documentation can lead to deaths — and lawsuits. You deserve a modern, mobile solution. 

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Mobile Client

An app-based, mobile solution, available at the patient's bedside.

Fully HIPAA Compliant

Secure capture, storage, and transmission of patient data.

Compatible With Any EHR

Seamless integration into any system with code blue patient records immediately available after the event.

Instant On

Open RevivePro and begin using it immediately.

Quality Improvement Dashboard and Reports

Easily track and analyze your code blue team performance.


Easy to use and requires minimal training.

Helps Improve Real-Time Care

Timers and safety alerts based on published resuscitation guidelines and other built-in decision support.

Automated Reporting to Registries

Discrete data available for automatic reporting to registries such as the American Heart Association GWTG-R, in CodeBlue IQ.

Instantaneous Record for Review and Debriefing.

Chart is immediately available for patient hand-off to the receiving team.

High Level of Accuracy

Time stamping of all recorded procedures and medications.

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