Urgent Care Solution

Improve patient satisfaction.
Increase profitability.

Your success depends on balancing convenience, speed, and patient satisfaction. Our comprehensive Urgent Care Solution will transform the way your practice runs.


Optimize Your Workflow

Your solutions should help you work efficiently, not slow you down. Experience rapid door-to-door discharge, automated coding, quick data access, and the ability to access your entire enterprise, region, or facility.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

An accurate, efficient, and automated patient registration means you can spend less time on admin questions and data entry, and more time on care questions, letting you focus on what really matters: happy patients and an orderly practice. 

Increase Profitability

Increase profitability with accurate, first pass coding, real time eligibility checks and billing and coding support. Our Urgent Care Solution provides fast, accurate, billing and coding services to maximize your contracted revenues. 

Plans & Features

  • All In One PM, EMR & Billing and Coding Solution
  • Billing & Coding Services
  • Practice Management & EMR Solution

All-in-One PM, EMR and RCM systems, and billing and coding solution

Your Practice Management, EMR and RCM systems, and billing and coding solution should should support your workflow instead adding additional elements you need to balance. Get the all-in-one solution.

Real Time Alerts

Patient Tracking Dashboard

Reduced First-Pass Denials

Dedicated Team for Support

Billing & Coding Solution

We focus on maximizing your money so you can focus on your patients and practice.

Aging A/R Collection

Ongoing Education and Support

Reduced First-Pass Denials

More of Your Contracted Money Collected, Faster

Practice Management and EMR Solution

With PulseCheck Urgent Care EMR, you have the perfect solution to support your urgent care practice. We focus on simplifying the process while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Real Time Alerts

Rapid Chart Templates

Clinical Decision Support


“The PulseCheck Urgent Care solution architecture allows multiple clinicians to access a chart simultaneously, allowing me to document more efficiently.”
Urgent Care Owner

“The team at PulseCheck Urgent Care took the time to understand my practice and shared in the process of improving my clinics workflow.”
Urgent Care Practice Manager

Experience a better workflow, increased profitability and improved patient satisfaction with PulseCheck Urgent Care Solution.

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