Urgent Care Solution

Improve patient satisfaction and profitability with an urgent care solution that works as fast as you do.

Whether you run a single facility or hundreds, Urgent Care success depends on balancing convenience, speed, the patient journey, and provider satisfaction. Our Urgent Care Solution is a single application that handles Practice Management, EMR, Coding, Billing, and Revenue Cycle. Implement a comprehensive solution that can transform the way your practice runs with Urgent Care Solution.


What if your Practice Management, EMR and RCM systems could support your workflow instead of being additional elements you need to balance?

Optimize Your Workflow

Built specifically for the Urgent Care Market, experience rapid door to door discharge, automated coding, quick access to data, and a shorter implementation period.

  • One integrated EMR, Practice Management, and RCM database
  • Build & edit centrally and publish across the enterprise, region or facility
  • Real-time eligibility checks

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Reduced wait times and the higher level of care you’re able to provide will increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Decrease the time patients have to wait
  • Reliable chart accuracy ensures patients are safe

Increase Profitability

Improve your cash flow, be more efficient & improve the bottom line as a result, while also maintaining quality of care and process.

  • Faster, more accurate billing
  • Reduced risk of incorrect patient data
  • Compliance with regulations, liability concerns, and insurance company (payer) requirements

Customer Focus

We have a focused investment in our customers' practices so that we can deliver the service and solutions they need to be successful. We value ourselves as a trusted advisor with a commitment in the success of your practice.

  • Designed by Urgent Care providers for Urgent Care Practices
  • Ongoing collaboration to lead in the fast moving Urgent Care market


All In One



Pricing Flat Fee or Per Patient Flat Fee or Per Patient Free PM & EMR
Model is % of Collections, with free EMR & PM. Contact for pricing.
KPI Dashboard
Powerful Report Builder
Real-time Analytics
Customizable charts and graphs
Metrics by location, provider, and time
Real-time error alerts
Task inbox to track tasks
Share templates between users
Rapid Chart Template
Documentation shortcuts
(complete exams in just clicks)
Side by Side Chart & Claim Review
Built-in diagnosis lookup
U.S.-based collections team
Real-time analysis of claims
Advanced Analytics reporting included


The PulseCheck Urgent Care solution architecture allows multiple clinicians to access a chart simultaneously, allowing me to document more efficiently.

Urgent Care Owner

The team at PulseCheck Urgent Care took the time to understand my practice and shared in the process of improving my clinics workflow.

Urgent Care Practice Manager

Experience a better workflow, increased profitability and improved patient satisfaction with Urgent Care Solution.