Urgent Care Solution

Improve patient satisfaction.
Ensure Efficiency.

UrgiChart is a cloud-based EHR that meets the unique demands of Urgent Care environments:  fast charting, easy on-boarding, quality care and performance metrics.

Complete Charts in < 60 Seconds

Fast charting: Clinicians can complete a chart in less than a minute. 

Time-saving flexibility: Clinicians use custom macros and ChartStarters ™ to address routine and frequent urgent care cases, using their own language and diagnostic criteria, creating comprehensive documentation and closing charts in minimal time. 

Intuitive interface: Clinicians on-board easily, with minimal training. Well suited to fast-paced environments and moonlighters. 

UrgiChart is specifically designed to support the unique needs of Urgent Care practices.

UrgiChart is a clinical informatics solution that delivers speed and quality in patient care, while supporting the need for complete and accurate medical records. We’ve built the logic of unscheduled care workflows into UrgiChart, so it reflects the way that physicians actually capture, prioritize and disseminate data and patient information. In short, the way they practice medicine.

Rooted in our deep expertise developing Emergency Care EMRs that are used by high-volume hospital-based and freestanding Emergency Departments, UrgiChart, our urgent care EMR software, provides a proven, intuitive approach that enables clinicians to spend more time with patients, and less time on paperwork. UrgiChart will transform every facet of your practice.

UrgiChart easily integrates with select Practice Management solutions:

UrgiChart Certifications

Achieving key certifications with industry standards is all about supporting our clients in perusing their goals.  It helps practitioners working on our system to feel confident in the safety and security that comes with the most up-to-date certifications. Click below for our full certification information:

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