Three Tips To Improve Your Clinic’s Online Reputation

 A 2022 Healthcare Trends Report survey revealed that 72% of consumers read online reviews and ratings when they consider seeing a new healthcare practice and provider ¹. Your online reputation and how potential patients perceive you and your practice can significantly impact its success. So how can you manage your online reputation and work towards improving it? Below are three tips to improve your urgent care clinic’s reputation.

1. Patient Engagement Software

A patient’s experience is one of the most significant influences on your urgent care clinic’s reputation. In the same study mentioned above, 72% of patients also stated that they preferred to choose a provider with a rating of four stars or more ². Positive reviews will help attract new patients and increase patient loyalty. But what can you do to ensure patients have a positive experience? Utilize patient engagement tools.

Patient engagement software provides services like online scheduling, digital registration, and wait-time transparency that helps optimize throughput and patient expectations – which often leads to increased satisfaction.

With our patient engagement tool, you can offer post-care surveys that directly capture feedback from patients after their visit. These post-care surveys can be sent directly to the patient’s cell phone, with the capability to post feedback directly to your clinic’s Google page. The more positive reviews found online will significantly influence your clinic’s reputation and help attract more business. 

2. Monitor, Maintain, and Respond to Reviews

Staying up to date and monitoring reviews will help your day-to-day internal processes and show prospective patients that you are engaged and value your patients’ opinions. Most patients find a clinic through a search engine, so your Google rating could be an influential resource for potential patients.

In the Healthcare Trends Report, 65% of people indicated that it is essential for clinic staff to respond to patient reviews ³. If it’s a positive review, you can take the time to recognize their review and thank them for visiting. If you receive a negative review, you can ask for their advice on improving the situation. This fosters relationships and can help build patient loyalty and convey the right message and values of the clinic.

3. Share Testimonials 

A positive patient review can go far beyond what is shared through search engines. Taking a positive review and highlighting it on your social media platforms and throughout your website increases the chances of those reviews being seen and influencing someone to visit your urgent care. Consider creating a testimonial page on your website highlighting positive reviews associated with your clinic; this will provide a sense of the quality of care expected to be given at your practice.

PulseCheck can help optimize your daily operations and improve your online reputation through our patient engagement software. To learn more, schedule a discovery call today!