How to Pick the Right Urgent Care EMR Software

Urgent care waiting rooms are incredibly busy. Every day presents new challenges, and the stakes are always high.

Balancing fast-paced patient care with efficient management of electronic medical records (EMR) is no small feat. 

Having the right EMR software makes all the difference. 

Fast and Efficient Urgent Care Practice Management 

Urgent care EMR software should help your team function more efficiently. Effective software speeds up processes like charting, onboarding, and coding. Moving more smoothly through these tasks allows patient care to take front and center. 

For EMR software that meets the demands of a fast-paced urgent care environment, look for these features. 


EMR software shouldn’t be a distraction or an obstacle. Rather, it should smooth out the connections between various tasks. 

When EMR software is intuitively integrated with the rest of your operations, workflow improves. For example, tasks such as sending prescriptions to a pharmacy should be completed easily through your EMR application. 

Easy Navigation

Each component of high-quality EMR software is easy to locate and navigate. A clear and intuitive user interface is crucial for efficient use of the software. 

This is especially important for large organizations managing multiple departments and high patient volumes. A large number of team members should be able to quickly master the program. 

Center-Wide Access

EMR software should provide access to everyone who needs it within a medical organization. This is especially important for multi-location urgent care organizations. 

Across municipalities, counties, and states, an entire multi-site team can maintain seamless continuity and transparency. 

Integration With Other Platforms at Your Facility and With Other Providers and Caregivers

To serve your team without slowing you down, EMR software should be compatible with other tools used by other teams. 

Patients connect with various service providers, such as:

  • Primary care doctors
  • Specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Labs

With the right EMR software, you can easily interface with these other teams, transmitting information across different systems. 

Medication and Prescription Tracking

Patients need their prescriptions filled in a timely and simple manner. Unfortunately, technological holdups sometimes delay prescription processing. 

Medication and prescription tracking software can ensure that prescriptions are delivered to pharmacies without delay. If anything snags the process, your EMR software can identify the problem so that delays can be immediately rectified. 

Initial and Ongoing Training 

EMR software should include all necessary training to bring team members up to speed. Additionally, the provider should offer ongoing support for new developments and features that are added to the platform. 

Tech Support

Expect high-quality online and phone-based tech support from your EMR software provider. Troubleshooting and accessing data should be made easy to avoid any extended delays in patient service. 

Patient Self-Service Options

Modern medical care involves more and more self-service options for patients. EMR software should support this flexibility with self-service features like:

  • Registration and pre-registration
  • Automated notifications such as appointment reminders
  • Appointment setting 

Care runs more smoothly when patients are provided with control and information. 

Financial Integrations

EMR software can help a medical practice easily manage financial transactions. Features like automatic coding, billing interface, and direct patient payments simplify some of your team’s most time-consuming tasks.  

Data Storage and Access

Secure, cloud-based storage through EMR software allows for quick and efficient data retrieval. Scanned documents can be transmitted safely to the cloud, allowing for fast, flexible, data management. 

Bring High-Performance EMR Software to Your Urgent Care With UrgiChart

PulseCheck developed UrgiChart to meet the unique demands of urgent care settings. 

UrgiChart is the highest-performing EMR software for urgent care practices, with premier efficiency features that include:

  • E-prescribing
  • Telehealth tools
  • Electronic health records
  • Digital patient access

UrgiChart is a holistic suite of EMR, revenue cycle management (RCM), and practice management solutions. Your practice will enjoy a smoother workflow and improved patient satisfaction. 

Learning a new software program shouldn’t take weeks. With UrgiChart, doctors can hit the ground running, using the program with ease in a matter of minutes. 

Thanks to UrgiChart’s smart prompting, physicians complete charts in less than 60 seconds. 

Onboarding and charting are transformed into simple editing tasks thanks to the system’s intuitive pre-fills. Charts are prepared at lightning speed but maintain the highest standards for thoroughness and precision. 

To learn more about UrgiChart, contact PulseCheck to request a demo.