10 Features of Great Patient Intake Software

If you’re managing an urgent care, emergency department (ED), or micro-hospital, then it’s important to have great patient intake software. This software can provide a better patient experience and also improve the efficiency of your organization’s daily operations.

However, when you are considering upgrading your patient intake experience, how do you tell a high-performing software solution from the market-variety alternatives? Today, we’re going to discuss some of the key features to look for when you are reviewing your options.

Patient Intake Software Features to Look for:

1: Simple and Intuitive Chart Completion:

One of the most important aspects of patient intake software is its ability to quickly and easily collect all of the required information from patients. Look for software solutions that offer an intuitive interface that allows staff to quickly input data without having to search for fields or options.

2: Agile Patient Scheduling Software:

Another important feature to look for is the ability to schedule patients quickly and easily. Look for software that offers an interface that allows you to see all of your available appointment slots at a glance and enables patients to schedule their appointments in the slot that works best for them.

3: Proactive Insurance Verification:

In today’s world, verifying a patient’s insurance coverage before they arrive for their appointment is more critical than ever. Look for software that offers proactive insurance verification so you can confirm coverage and avoid any surprises as well as resolve any potential errors or disputes before their appointment time.

4: Quick Check-in and Check-out:

Another important feature to look for is the ability to check patients in and out quickly and easily. Nobody wants to spend 20 minutes in the waiting room completing a lengthy check-in process.

Instead, choose medical practice management software that offers an interface that allows you to see all of the required information at a glance and enables patients to check-in and out with just a few clicks.

5: Contactless Experience:

With modern social distancing practices and standards, medical organizations can benefit from offering a contactless experience. Patient intake software should offer an interface that allows patients to complete their check-ins without having to physically interact with any staff members or equipment.

6: High-speed Performance:

Whether in the form of a browser or smartphone-based application, the software that your patients use to interact with your practice should offer high-speed connectivity and performance.

Patients should be able to easily access their appointment information and complete their check-ins without having to wait for the software to load or process their requests.

7: Kiosk-based and Online Check-in:

In order to offer a contactless experience, many patient intake software solutions offer kiosk-based check-ins. These solutions allow patients to complete their check-ins without having to interact with any staff members.

In addition, many software solutions also offer online check-in capabilities that allow patients to complete their check-ins from the comfort of their own homes.

8: Online Pre-registration:

To help cut down the time spent in the waiting room, look for a software option that offers online pre-registration for patients. This allows your practice to collect the necessary information that they need while also reducing the time the patient needs to spend waiting to be seen by your team.

9: Portal-based Communication:

In order to improve communication with your patients, look for a software solution that offers portal-based communication. This type of system enables you to securely send and receive messages with your patients without having to rely on phone calls or in-person visits.

With portal-based communications, you can also easily share test results, appointment information, and other important documents with your patients.

10: Elite-level Data Security: 

Patients share a wealth of sensitive and protected information with your practice. From personal medical information to credit card and insurance information, there are plenty of critical data points that can be compromised if your software is vulnerable to hackers. 

Use a software solution that prioritizes security and regularly monitors and proactively improves upon its protective measures. This will both protect your patients and your practice from any potential dangers of compromised data.

Get High-Performing Patient Intake Software for Your Organization Today

The features above are just a few to look for when choosing the right patient intake software for your emergency department, or micro-hospital. When selecting a software solution, be sure to keep these features in mind in order to choose one that best meets the needs of your organization.

At PulseCheck, our team is committed to providing your medical organization with the most complete and highest-performing patient intake software solution available. Like you, we value an excellent patient experience and want to help you achieve and sustain that goal for your practice.

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