Emergency Department Information System

Be more efficient, compliant, & connected to your patients & staff.

The emergency department is a fast-paced and high-risk environment. You need a system that is fast, accurate, and able to keep up with your daily operations. Our emergency department software is the high-performance ED EMR (emergency department electronic medical record) that helps hospitals focus on improving the quality of patient care in the ED. PulseCheck’s emergency room management software is the ideal tool for hospital, critical access, and freestanding EDs.

Canadian Hospitals

Built for Canadians by Canadians, PulseCheck's clinical and administrative workflows accommodate eCTAS, PIA times, and provincial health care compliance.

Freestanding ED

PulseCheck has established itself as a leader in providing efficient and comprehensive Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) solutions, in the Freestanding Emergency Department setting.

Standard Emergency Departments

We understand the challenges involved with patient care, risk, workflow, and billing in an ED environment. That’s why our solution was designed by and for emergency department caregivers.

"We've done a lot of Canadian customization with PulseCheck... the Electronic Canadian Triage Acuity Score (eCTAS)... PulseCheck was able to integrate... and make sure our triaging is accurate for the safety of the patient and for the benefit of the clinicians."

Dr. Gary Mann, Program Chief Emeritus, Ajax and Pickering General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"We are a Micro-Hospital, which is an Emergency Department with inpatient care for general hospital patients. PulseCheck allows us to adapt to its functionality... which makes it a lot easier to work with."

Dr. Ronald Keller, CMIO of One of The Nation's Largest Operators of Micro-hospitals


Experience a better workflow, increased efficiency and improved patient satisfaction with PulseCheck's emergency department information system

Spend More Time with Patients

Increased efficiency and an intuitive workflow give you more time to spend practicing medicine.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Reduced patient wait time and quick access to more accurate chart data means happier, safer patients.

Measure & Document with Accuracy

Accelerate and simplify the process of measuring performance, quality of care, costs and charges.

Get Support When You Need It

Our dedicated support team and operational dashboard allow you receive quality support throughout our partnership.


At PulseCheck, we understand how important it is to provide quality care while maintaining efficiency in your busy emergency department. Our ED EMR gives you the tools you need to get your emergency department running more smoothly, delivering a better experience for both patients and staff.

"PulseCheck's Injection and Infusion service helps bring across some of the coding, and that allows us to make sure that we are maximizing what we've done on an encounter by capturing everything that we need to properly bill."

Phil Miller, Assistant Vice President/CIO, Unity Health

With the exponentially increasing complexity, staggering initial and ongoing costs and significant workflow disruptions imposed by most electronic health record software systems, PulseCheck ED is a breath of fresh air! Designed by ED Clinicians for ED Clinicians, PulseCheck ED manages to sidestep these disadvantages while providing a cost-effective, streamlined, patient- and provider-focused product designed to help rather than impede the care of our patients. I am equally impressed by the PulseCheck ED team’s aptitude and desire in molding the software to meet special hospital system needs.

Ronald P. Keller, MD, FACEP Chief Medical Information Officer, Vice President of Medical Informatics

I wanted to personally reach out and commend the Pulsecheck team with their support and dedication to Emerson… (They) routinely demonstrated their superior knowledge of the system and their ability to work collaboratively with Emerson… Thank you (PulseCheck professional services) for coming on-site (This proved to be one of the critical paths towards our ability to be successful.)

Tim Wong , MBA, PMP, CPHIMS, FHIMSS Director, Application Services Information Systems

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