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Improve Patient Experience and Satisfaction with Emergency Department & Urgent Care Solutions

Urgent Care

Urgent Care Solution

Experience an all-in-one PM, EMR & RCM solution designed specifically for Urgent Care practices. We provide a single application for Practice Management, EMR, Coding, Billing, and Revenue Cycle Management. Partner with us to drive efficiency from check in to check out. Optimize your clinical performance, improve financial results and strengthen patient engagement.


Emergency Department Solution

Manage patient flow, regulation, risk, documentation, and detailed billing with solutions that work the way you do. We have designed our solutions to meet the specific needs of Emergency Department providers. Enhance overall user experience, ease EMR burnout and increase both patient and provider satisfaction.

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You don’t save files on floppy disks anymore. So why would you use time-consuming paper charts and computer stations to record patient data, especially when those methods could lead to worse patient outcomes? Not having easily accessible, legible documentation can lead to deaths — and lawsuits. You deserve a modern, mobile solution.

Enhance Your Workflow and Efficiency for a Better Patient Experience