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Companies choose PulseCheck to improve their everyday workflow in the healthcare setting. We pride ourselves on building a great product, providing excellent service, and building strong relationships. Learn about PulseCheck users experiences below.

"We are a Micro-Hospital, which is an Emergency Department with inpatient care for general hospital patients. PulseCheck allows us to adapt to its functionality... which makes it a lot easier to work with."

Dr. Ronald Keller, CMIO of One of The Nation's Largest Operators of Micro-hospitals

"PulseCheck's Injection and Infusion service helps bring across some of the coding, and that allows us to make sure that we are maximizing what we've done on an encounter by capturing everything that we need to properly bill."

Phil Miller, Assistant Vice President/CIO, Unity Health

"From a nursing standpoint PulseCheck is one of the top of the line documentation instruments that nurses can use, it's very user friendly... It's very simple, so for that reason I think it's an excellent product."

Jasper Fultz, Trauma Registrar/Coordinator, Unity Health

"We've done a lot of Canadian customization with PulseCheck... the Electronic Canadian Triage Acuity Score (eCTAS)... PulseCheck was able to integrate... and make sure our triaging is accurate for the safety of the patient and for the benefit of the clinicians."

Dr. Gary Mann, Program Chief Emeritus, Ajax and Pickering General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada