Enhance Your ED & Urgent Care Workflow and Efficiency for a Better Patient Experience

Urgent Care Solution

Experience an all-in-one PM, EMR & RCM solution designed specifically for Urgent Care practices. We provide a single application for Practice Management, EMR, Coding, Billing, and Revenue Cycle Management. Partner with us to drive efficiency from check in to check out. Optimize your clinical performance, improve financial results and strengthen patient engagement.

  • Cloud-based SaaS model allows you to provide complete patient care for multi-facility groups
  • Faster, more accurate billing saves time and increases efficiency
  • Maximize your revenue per patient
  • Increase patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Shorter implementation period means your system is up and running in days, not months
Urgent Care
Pulsecheck Tracking Board

Emergency Department Solution

Manage patient flow, regulation, risk, documentation, and detailed billing with solutions that work the way you do. We have designed our solutions to meet the specific needs of ED providers. Enhance overall user experience, ease EMR burnout and increase both patient and provider satisfaction.

  • Easy ED performance tracking for quality, clinical, financial and operational KPI metrics
  • Full clinical documentation functionality allows clinicians to better manage ED workflow
  • ePrescribing solution aids clinicians in their medication order decisions
  • InSight ED tool allows you to track patient activity in near real-time
  • PulseCheck ED mobile app allows for easy on-the-go access


You don’t save files on floppy disks anymore. So why would you use time-consuming paper charts and computer stations to record patient data, especially when those methods could lead to worse patient outcomes? Not having easily accessible, legible documentation can lead to deaths — and lawsuits. You deserve a modern, mobile solution. 

  • Navigate the Complexity of a Cardiac Arrest Event
  • Say Goodbye to Paper Transcription
  • Maintain Security & HIPAA Compliance
  • Learn from Past Performance

We understand the challenges involved with patient care, risk, workflow, and billing.

The Process

Our team of experts can help, whether you have an existing solution or you are just getting started. Let us assist you with delivering the best possible care, while we provide solutions to manage your business.


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With the exponentially increasing complexity, staggering initial and ongoing costs and significant workflow disruptions imposed by most electronic health record software systems, PulseCheck ED is a breath of fresh air! Designed by ED Clinicians for ED Clinicians, PulseCheck ED manages to sidestep these disadvantages while providing a cost-effective, streamlined, patient- and provider-focused product designed to help rather than impede the care of our patients. I am equally impressed by the PulseCheck ED team’s aptitude and desire in molding the software to meet special hospital system needs.

Ronald P. Keller, MD, FACEP Chief Medical Information Officer, Vice President of Medical Informatics

As an Emergency Department clinician, PulseCheck lets us care for patients, and document that care, in a manner that fits the unique workflow of the Emergency Department/Trauma setting. It is clear that the application was designed from the ground up to accommodate that unique setting.

Charge Nurse and PulseCheck Super User

The PulseCheck Urgent Care solution architecture allows multiple clinicians to access a chart simultaneously, allowing me to document more efficiently.

Urgent Care Owner

As healthcare evolves, the team at PulseCheck anticipates change. They listen to the needs of their customers to continue to enhance existing functionality, and develop new functionality supporting evidence based care and regulatory changes. This allows positive patient outcomes in an ever changing landscape.

Medical Director

The team at PulseCheck Urgent Care took the time to understand my practice and shared in the process of improving my clinics workflow.

Urgent Care Practice Manager