Code Blue Software Solutions: RevitalPro

Save more lives with better point of care decision support & data

At PulseCheck, we understand how quickly you must act during cardiac arrest events. RevitalPro code blue software is a modern, mobile solution that will help your team navigate the complexity of cardiac arrest events. Fully electronic and HIPAA compliant, our cardiac arrest software provides instantly accessible patient and quality improvement reports, giving you the tools you need to do your job with confidence.

In a randomized trial published in the Emergency Medicine Journal, RevitalPro collected an average of 24% more critical information versus paper.

Are your Code practices inconsistent and inefficient?

Let RevitalPro streamline your hospital's resuscitation operations and help comply with the latest Code Blue standards.


Navigate the Complexity of a Cardiac Arrest Event

Keep your team in compliance with ACLS Guidelines and improve patient outcomes with point of care decision support. A mobile system equipped with quality and safety alerts to minimize the risk of human error.

Say Goodbye to Paper Transcription

Stop restricting your team to paper charts and computer stations. A mobile system allows your team to access information and manage documentation from anywhere.

Maintain Security & HIPAA Compliance

Protect your organization against litigation and non-compliance with accurate and comprehensive documentation.

Learn from
Past Performance

Our quality analytics and reporting system gives your team instant access to comprehensive data and reports, meaning you can instantly debrief your team, track, analyze, and improve performance.

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Our code blue software is designed to make work easier, safer, and more effective for your entire team, no matter how big or small. That’s why we offer price scaling to fit hospitals of any size. Request a demo to learn more.


Format Health (RevitalPro) is the only compatible vendor for the AHA Get With The Guidelines Registry.

Mobile Client

Not a stationary EHR workstation.

Fully HIPAA Compliant

Secure capture, storage, and transmission of patient data.

Instant On

Open RevitalPro and begin using it immediately.

Compatible With Any EHR

Seamless integration into any system with code blue patient records immediately available after the event.

Quality Improvement Dashboard and Reports

Easily track and analyze your code blue team performance.


Easy to use and requires minimal training.

Helps Improve Real-Time Care

Timers and safety alerts based on published resuscitation guidelines.

Automated Reporting to Registries

Discrete data available for automatic reporting to registries such as the American Heart Association GWTG-R, in CodeBlue IQ.

High Level of Accuracy

Time stamping of all recorded procedures and medications.

Instantaneous Record for Review and Debriefing.

Chart is immediately available for patient hand-off to the receiving team.

Help For Your Whole Team


Guidance Adherence
According to a study in the Resuscitation Journal, each 10% increase in adherence to the ACLS guidelines increases likelihood of ROSC by 30%. 

Immediate & Legible Logs
Not having easily accessible, legible documentation can lead to deaths — and lawsuits. Our cardiac arrest solution provides immediate and legible logs.


Less Time Spent Documenting
For nurses, our cardiac arrest solution saves time spent in editing, transcribing, and reporting. 

Improve Staff Satisfaction and Morale Provide code teams, analysts, and educators with the tools necessary to complete their jobs confidently and reduce the cognitive load in high-stress situations.

Respiratory Therapist

Helps Improve Real-Time Care
Timers and safety alerts based on published resuscitation guidelines allow respiratory staff to work efficiently and effectively. 

Post-Code Debrief Immediate reports available for debriefing; and visual dashboard for easy review of team performance to identify critical areas for educational interventions.

Risk-Management Professionals

Risk Management + Compliance
The Joint Commission requires hospitals use data to make changes that improve performance and patient safety, as well as reduce risk. 

Quality Improvement
Quality improvement dashboard and reports allow you to easily track and analyze your code blue team’s performance.

“Intuitive…an outstanding documentation tool.”

Cara N. Steinkeler, MD
Former National Director for Risk Management & Patient Safety
Kaiser Permanente

“RevitalPro streamlines and modernizes emergency documentation, taking a much-needed leap into the 21st century. I don’t know a nurse out there who isn’t looking forward to this technological advancement.”

Kim Jackson, BSN
Nurse Manager
University of Washington Medical Center

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