Difficulty Adhering to AHA Guidelines and Resuscitation Standards Impacts Patient Outcomes

Having the technology you need when responding to and documenting Code Blue events is crucial to your healthcare facility’s integrity. Caring for patients, especially during medical emergencies such as Code Blue events, can be challenging and demanding. Care teams must be prepared when emergencies occur and be ready to administer life-saving care as well as documenting that care correctly. How can the Code Blue process be made more accurate and efficient?  

 According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, when comparing the recording ability of an electronic code documentation system with the American Heart Association (AHA) paper cardiac arrest record, the electronic system captured 24% more critical information during a code blue event without loss of data quality¹ . An efficient Code Blue recording instrument – be it paper or an electronic desktop system should be: 

  • an utterly mobile device – Code Blues do not always happen in dedicated patient spaces 
  • intuitive in its function – requiring little if any training for the recorder to stay facile with its use 
  • capable of rapid data acquisition 
  • have seamless, secure upload to both the patient EMR as well as the organizational data repository 

 An electronic Code Blue documentation system and record would not only provide fast, efficient, complete, and accurate acquisition of data for the patient record but, if possible, assist providers in making care management decisions. An electronic Code Blue Documentation solution enables teams to consistently practice critical strategies that have proven to improve the performance of Code Blue teams during in-hospital cardiac arrest events (IHCAs), namely:    

  1. Epinephrine timer, so you never miss that crucial dose 
  2. Time off chest calculator for postevent review and debrief 
  3. A metronome for real-time cognitive evaluation of compression efficacycomplying with resuscitation guidelines. 
  4. Monitoring for interruptions in chest compressions; complete with visual and auditory alarms 
  5. Immediate reports available for debriefing 
  6. Visual dashboard for easy review of team performance to identify critical areas for educational interventions.  
  7. Complete and timely data capture for easy reporting of data to registries and/or PSOs 
  8. Comprehensive, signed records that improve billing accuracy 
  9. Significant reduction in litigation risk as well as increased defense of care provided due to readable and discrete records  

A new iPad-based Code Blue Documentation System does just that. The system allows rapid capture of management decisions and procedures in real-time and provides safety alerts, and practice guideline prompts to the healthcare providers. RevitalPro is a clinician- designed iPad app that reduces human error by prompting code blue teams to follow American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines. There are many benefits when using the iPad-based Code Blue Documentation Solution-RevitalPro, including quality & patient safety improvementsincreased staff satisfaction, compliance, certifications, and charge capture benefits.  

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