Increasing Patient Satisfaction in Emergency Departments

Emergency departments are known for being crowded, unorganized and oftentimes chaotic environments.  When someone is in need of urgent medical attention, the pressure can sometimes bubble up, putting loads of stress on both patients and staff. Some emergency departments also experience periods of extreme business, leading to individuals becoming frustrated after waiting a long time to be seen. All of this can result in low levels of patient satisfaction, sometimes giving your emergency department a poor reputation. 

Part of providing excellent care is also providing a great patient experience throughout all parts of your medical organization. Luckily, there are technologies that can be put into place that help you avoid having an unorganized and chaotic emergency department. Today, we are going to cover a few technological solutions that you can use in your organization to increase levels of patient satisfaction in the emergency department. 

Automate Administrative Tasks as Much as Possible

Automating administrative tasks within your organization creates more time for your staff to see patients as quickly as possible. Without the pressure of having to handle certain administrative duties, doctors are free to spend more time talking to patients and dedicating more attention to their individual cases. Automation can also help your staff acquire necessary patient information sooner, like personal contact information and insurance details. In the financial sense, automation may help your emergency department save more money by improving process efficiency.

Equip Your Staff with a Mobile Monitoring Solution

A mobile/tablet app-based system for monitoring patients can be used to provide an instant glance at the status of each of your emergency room’s patients. This technology can help staff identify and respond to emergencies, such as coding, more quickly. Your clinical staff can also use their mobile device to monitor the status of injection or infusion treatments for patients and dosing.

Administrative staff can use this technology as well to easily handle all billing processes from a mobile device. Using a mobile app-based system is a great way to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction in your emergency department through easy-to-use technology that the majority of your staff may already be familiar with. 

Use an Electronic Information Management System 

An electronic information management system helps your staff streamline many of the administrative processes that are often time-consuming and inefficient.. These systems create easily readable and reliable digital patient charts which can prove to be more effective than the traditional method of relying on handwriting. 

In addition, your staff will be able to ePrescribe directly from your software. This will help to ensure that any prescribed medication arrives at the patient’s pharmacy of choice or to an onsite pharmacy at your hospital.

Use a Performance-Tracking Dashboard

A digital dashboard system can be implemented in your organization to track employee performance and help identify where any operational obstacles are that could be impacting the patient experience. This technology provides objective data to make decisions that benefit your department, such as if hiring new employees are necessary to create more bandwidth. 

Digital performance dashboard systems can also provide the data that allows you to assess your staff member’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. This can help you better decide how your employees can be best used within your emergency department to promote higher overall levels of patient satisfaction. 

Build Your Operations with Patients at the Center

Ultimately you should prioritize providing great patient care as the ultimate goal and reverse-engineer your operations to achieve this desired outcome. By streamlining your business operations with the right software systems, you can create the necessary bandwidth to spend more time on each individual patient and their needs in the emergency department. A precious few extra minutes can make an immense impact on the quality of care, patient outcome, and level of a patient’s satisfaction with your department. 

Technology systems such as electronic information management systems, performance dashboards and mobile monitoring solutions are all viable options that you can use to increase efficiency within your emergency department. If used correctly, these tools should be beneficial in increasing your department’s levels of patient satisfaction. 

Increase Patient Satisfaction Today with PulseCheck

PulseCheck offers innovative software that helps to streamline administrative aspects of your emergency department. PulseCheck technologies provide automation features, mobile monitoring, information management, performance dashboards, and more to allow your staff to spend more time on what matters most. 

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