Ways You Can Upgrade Your Medical Office Technology

In just the blink of an eye, the demands of the modern medical office have drastically shifted forever. With the rise of telehealth access, social distancing and a heightened awareness of disease transmission being at the forefront of many patient’s minds, upgrading your medical office technology can both help increase your competitiveness and patient experience. 

Ways to Upgrade Medical Office Technology

With technology evolving every second, new solutions are constantly being introduced in the realm of medical businesses. Here are some of the ways that you can upgrade the technology in your medical office in order to remain competitive and enhance your patient’s experience:

Fully Digitize Your Medical Records

In an age where every piece of data lives on computers, it’s often easiest to avoid using physical paper at all. Fully digitizing your office’s medical records with a secure, HIPAA-compliant file storage solution is a great way to both save on paper and to ensure the easy and consistent organization of files. 

Using digitized records often means a quicker overall process for both office staff and patients. Most systems are very user-friendly, so even the least tech-savvy of your patients can use it. This also allows patients to have full access to their medical information, and promotes mainstreamed communication between doctors and patients. 

Offer an Effective Telehealth Service

Telehealth services are a secure, compliant video chatting solution that allows patients to see their doctor without leaving their home. Many telehealth services include intuitive appointment scheduling and confirmation along with high-quality voice and audio so it feels like the patient is right there with their doctor. For older or immunocompromised patients who may not want to expose themselves to an in-person office, telehealth appointments are a great solution that will make everyone feel safe and comfortable.  

Electronically Prescribe Medication

The easiest way to prescribe a patient’s medication nowadays is electronically. This way, the patient does not have to take a physical slip to the pharmacy or stop by your office to pick up the slip. Simply send prescription fill orders directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice for a faster turnaround for patients and a more seamless patient experience overall. 

Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation Software

Appointments from repeat patients are the greatest driver of revenue for a medical business. However, in the hustle of everyday life, it can be easy for many patients to forget to schedule new appointments in a followup meeting or to even attend their scheduled appointments. 

Electronic scheduling allows for patients to schedule from wherever, whenever, and can facilitate confirmations for your business in place of a phone call or manually written email.

Electronic reminders can send further reminders to patients, ensuring they arrive at their appointments.

Digital Patient Check-in

In-office check-ins and paperwork are two of the largest time consumers for both patients and staff in the waiting room of many medical offices. The long check-in process combined with excessive paperwork can cause office delays, resulting in longer hours and less-satisfied patients.

Digital check-ins allow patients to check-in and complete all of their paperwork before arriving, saving your team and your patients valuable time and helping to reduce waiting room wait times. By using a digital check-in system, you can also reduce the amount of people in your waiting room at one time. This may make for a safer and more comfortable in-office experience for patients that are not comfortable in crowded waiting rooms. 

Administrative Software

Implementing the proper administrative software into your practice’s infrastructure can work wonders for your internal workflow. This software often includes:

  • Digital chart creation and storage
  • Revenue cycle dashboards
  • Employee performance data

By having all of the necessary data in one easy-to-access place, your practice owners are able to make informed decisions to benefit their practice based on tangible data. 

Upgrade Your Medical Office Technology Today

With the recent overhauls of the medical industry in the past few years, there is no better time to modernize your medical office. By upgrading your medical office technology, you can effectively compete in the digital landscape while increasing the level of efficiency in your office by leaps and bounds. 

Pulse Check offers software solutions that will lead to a better workflow and efficiency for your medical business or practice. Our software, serving ERs, urgent cares and microhospitals, will make a noticeable positive difference in how your medical practice is being run. To see how our solutions can impact your practice, request a demo today.