Four Ways eMAR Can Benefit Your Micro-Hospital

Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) offer accurate, time-saving solutions while adhering to medication administration protocols. It allows for medication administration at the patients’ bedside, replacing transcription of physician orders onto paper medication records while eliminating mistakes related to illegible handwriting and problems related to lost or misplaced orders. When the situation arises, micro-hospitals and emergency departments (ED) need software that enables them to manage scheduled and repeat medication orders.

Below are four ways the addition of eMAR can benefit your micro-hospital or ED facility. 

Eliminate Errors 

Medication errors are consistently reported as common issues across emergency departments. Paper-based charting and hard-to-decipher handwritten notes increase the risk of overdose or medication errors. Experts say that up to 25% of medication errors may be associated with illegible handwriting.¹ eMAR ensures staff administer the correct medication, dose, route, and time to the right patient and minimizes the risk of errors or delays during the distribution process. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that implementing eMAR is associated with a reduction in 41% of non-timing administration errors, 51% in errors related to potential drug-related adverse events, and 27% in timing errors. ²

Improve patient safety and outcomes 

With a reduction in errors comes the benefit of improved patient safety and outcomes. eMAR allows nurses and providers to have up-to-date and accurate record associated with each patient. eMAR gives clinicians the tools they need for fast decision-making, treatment plans, distributing, and administering care. This, in turn, creates a more efficient and safe care environment.

Optimize workflow 

Clinicians can track medications from order inception to administration and can even automatically place refills when needed. With the ability to alert nurses with a notification, they are able to guarantee a dosage isn’t missed or intervene and update the orders as needed. eMAR can automatically notify the pharmacy when an order needs review. This allows for orders to be processed efficiently and accurately, further improving daily workflow.

Encourages communication between clinicians

Eliminate miscommunication between nurses and providers regarding treatment plans, dosages, updates, etc. With eMAR, handwritten paper notes don’t have to be passed along between clinicians, leading to confusion and patient safety risks. The providing clinician can leave messages for nurses regarding the patients’ medication services directly in the record. This allows for precise and accurate communication between nursing staff and providers while minimizing confusion.

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