Introduction to eMAR

Electronic medication administration record (eMAR) replaces paper records previously used in administering medication. Medication administration records serve as a record of all the drugs administered to patients by a healthcare professional. eMAR offers time-saving solutions while adhering to the stringent requirements of medication administration. PulseCheck’s eMAR module will help providers care for patients in a fraction of the time with reduced errors.

Medication errors are consistently reported as common issues across emergency departments.  Paper-based charting and hard-to-decipher handwritten notes increase the risk of overdose or medication errors. Emergency Departments can utilize eMAR to help mitigate these issues. Implementing eMAR can help streamline the medication process, improve patient safety, and provide transparency for better patient care.

What is eMAR?

eMAR software ensures staff administers the correct medication, dose, route, and time for the right patient and minimizes the risk of errors or delays during the distribution process.

Eliminating paper-based records enhances the security of medication inventories and staff identification procedures. eMAR also becomes a legal record of the drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a clinician.

Features and functionality of eMAR include:

  • Help improve communication between clinicians and the pharmacy
  • Real-time documentation and viewing of current medications while simplifying the refill process.
  • Create high accuracy and efficiency with medication delivery.
  • Gather and present patient data in a more efficient manner.
  • Decreasing medication errors simplify the entire process and allow clinicians to give more personal care to their patients. 

PulseCheck’s eMAR

PulseCheck’s eMAR is a medication administration system that guarantees real-time medication ordering and distribution accuracy. Take care of your emergency department with a best of breed ED system and integrated eMAR to take care of all your ED and long-stay patient needs with scheduled and repeating orders. Benefits of PulseCheck eMAR:

  • Ability to set repeating and scheduled medication orders and provide for pharmacy review
  • A unique Department MAR lets you see the medication order statuses for all patients on one screen
  • Reduces medication errors from point of documentation to administration
  • Provides more accurate medication records and patient history
  • Alerts guarantee that medication dosage is not missed, notifies nurses when medicine is due
  • Allergy and drug-to-drug interaction checking
  • Records medication notes and makes them available at any time if needed
  • Administrative reports are generated quickly to meet regulatory requirements
  • Built-in linkage to our Injection and Infusions calculator, so you get properly reimbursed for all IV charges

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