The Rise of Micro-Hospitals

In the rapidly emerging Micro-hospital market, PulseCheck has established itself as a leader in providing efficient and comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. With a patented EDIS, PulseCheck services are designed specifically for the Micro-hospital environment. We’ve seen a rise in micro-hospitals opening in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas. Micro-hospitals establish themselves in desirable markets that do not meet the demand of surrounding health systems. They have similar capabilities and equipment as a major hospital but offer a more personal patient experience. 

What are Micro-hospitals? 

Micro-hospitals are small-scale inpatient facilities, typically open 24/7. Usually, around 15,000 to 50,000 square feet but can be more extensive, with about 5-10 inpatient beds. While they can perform a multitude of services in urban, suburban, and rural areas, most are within a 20-mile radius of a major health system.  

What services are offered at micro-hospitals?  

Micro-hospitals provide a large variety of hospital services, including but not limited to emergency medical care, imaging, inpatient care, laboratories/lab services,  pharmacy services, radiology, surgery, and more.  

What are the advantages Micro-hospitals offer? 

Cost, accommodation, and location are three of the main benefits micro-hospitals offer. Compared to large health care systems, micro-hospitals can be 90% more affordable to construct, staff, and operate. Because of population density or other factors, the setup allows providers to deliver services in locations that could never sustain a full-size hospital. Micro-hospitals also offer communities a much more robust suite of medical services than you find in a typical urgent-care clinic or outpatient facility. However, the smaller footprint makes them feel much more intimate and calm for patients than a standard full-size hospital. It makes daily workflow more efficient for physicians, nurses, and care providers. 

PulseCheck works with one of the largest operating micro-hospital systems, offering them an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) to manage their inpatient needs with scheduled and repeating medication orders. Connect with us today to see if PulseCheck is the right fit for your micro-hospital needs.