11 Ways RevitalPro Can Benefit Your Hospital

Quality & Patient Safety

1. Improve Clinical Performance: RevitalPro enables team to consistently practice key strategies that have been
proven to improve the performance of “code blue” teams during in-hospital
cardiac arrest events (IHCAs), namely:

1. Through timers, metronome, and real-time prompts, RevitalPro helps teams follow guidelines regarding time off chest, switching of compressors, and quality of CPR;
2. Immediate reports available for debriefing; and
3. Visual dashboard for easy review of team performance to identify critical areas for educational interventions.

As evidence of the potential for RevitalPro to directly impact patient outcomes, an independent study at Stanford University found use of the software resulted in an average 16% improvement in the total amount of correct compressions.

2. Improve Transfer of Care: Paper records are sparse, illegible and often lost (up to ⅓ of the time). In a study in the Emergency Medicine Journal, RevitalPro was shown to collect an average of 24% more critical information than manual documentation on paper. Further, RevitalPro retains 100% of code blue documentation and automatically transfers the comprehensive reports to the EHR, empowering receiving care teams to be better informed as they provide follow-up care.

Employee Satisfaction

3. Improve Staff Satisfaction and Morale: RevitalPro provides clinicians, analysts, and educators with the tools necessary
to complete their jobs with confidence and reduces cognitive load in a high-stress situation. In the aforementioned independent study at Stanford, code leaders reported that RevitalPro improved team performance during events by an average of 33%.


4. Reduce Risk of Privacy/ HIPAA Violations: Paper records with PHI lead to risk of HIPAA violations due to manual transfer and transcription process; RevitalPro can significantly reduce such risk.

5. Joint Commission Standards: RevitalPro helps comply with resuscitation standards according to PI.1.10, PI.2.10, PI.2.20, PI.3.10 and IM3.3.10


6. Obtain HIMSS Stage 7: In order to achieve HIMSS Stage 7 and thereby improve financial ratings with agencies (S&P, Moody’s), hospitals are required “no longer use paper charts.” RevitalPro can solve this last-mile problem for sites around resuscitation

7. American Heart Assoc. GWTG-R Registry & Patient Safety Org Reports: RevitalPro captures discrete and transferable data. This significantly reduces the time required to report to registries and/or PSOs, while improving data quality. Ours is the only software approved by the American Heart Association to upload in-hospital data to their Get With The Guidelines – Resuscitation Registry.


8. Accurate Billing: Comprehensive, signed records from RevitalPro improves billing accuracy and ease – making sure that hospitals can capture revenue for all drugs, procedures, and other interventions made during a resuscitation event. Most hospitals are under-billing for resuscitation care.

9. Reduce Risk of Litigation/ Negative Press: Improved documentation allows for better defense of care provided; litigation events can result in multi-million-dollar settlements due to illegible and insufficient paper records.

10. Improve Staff Efficiencies; Reduce Costs: RevitalPro eliminates transcription and paper handling time across multiple
departments; significantly reduced time required for PSO and registry reporting (AHA, etc.). Without RevitalPro, staff will spend an estimated additional 5 hours per code event from handling, transferring, editing, transcribing, and uploading records to the EHR.

11. Saved Lives Leads to Long Term Revenue: Following guidelines improves survival rates, and saved lives can generate recurring future revenue. A 2012 study found that the average direct margin generated by a cardiac arrest survivor to the hospital was more than $20K.

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